HYDROCONTEST 2018, a spectacular second edition in Saint Tropez
Monday, 10 September 2018

HYDROCONTEST 2018, a spectacular second edition in Saint Tropez

This year’s fifth edition of the Hydrocontest ended in a stoked atmosphere, to the sounds of the Orchestre des Sapeurs Pompiers du Var, a local firefighters’ brass band held in the magical setting of the historic heart of Saint Tropez. After having been emptied of its yachts for several hours, Saint Tropez’ legendary harbour put on an exceptional show for the locals and summer visitors. The 270 students of the 28 international teams competing took part in a team parade and showed the boats of tomorrow in an exceptional final.

The battles of the final stage were spectacular as the levels of performance between the various prototypes were so close. The top performance came from Switzerland. After a bitter fight between two Swiss teams, the Haute École d’Ingénierie et d’Architecture of Fribourg won against the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne in the “private boat” category, and this for the second year running.

The Serb team from the University of Belgrade won the “mass transport” category against a fine French team from the Centrale Nantes-­‐ENSA, which monopolised the podium in all three of the competition’s categories.

The highlight of Sunday afternoon was the Long-­‐Distance Race with all teams competing in an hour-­‐long race attended by a good crowd who watched the English team from the University of Southampton win after having rebuilt its boat that had caught fire earlier in the week.

These teams also stood out in the “non-­‐race” categories. The Centrale Nantes-­‐ENSA took two of the first places: the prize for the best design and the “Energy Observer” prize. This new category in the competition awards the team using clean energy to improve a vessel’s propulsion, in this instance, the energy produced by the boat’s own waves.

The University of Southampton won prize for the best “TechTalk” presentation, and the EPFL was awarded the innovation prize for the “mass transport” category with a boat that glides on a cushion of air.

The team from the National University of Colombia Medellin won the innovation prize in the private boat category for measuring the flight altitude from water pressure.

As for the French participants, the SeaTech engineering school and the ESTIA institute of technology were awarded respectively the « Eco conception » prize and the “HydroContest Spirit” prize, for the team that was the most appreciated by the other teams in terms of mutual support and atmosphere. Last but not least, the prize for the best communication was awarded to the Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion in Yverdon les Bains in a domain where quality is improving from year to year.