Discover the HYDROCONTEST village
Friday, 15 May 2015

Discover the HYDROCONTEST village


Located next to the Vidy Pyramids, a village of 4000 sq.m. will welcome the teams and visitors of the HYDROCONTEST in a festive and sharing spirit during one entire week. Organised in various areas, the village offers free access to the races and to its playful and educational activities, making it a unique, exciting way of enjoying the HYDROCONTEST. It will also include a snack-bar for an even more enjoyable experience by the lake with family or friends.

Visitors will be able to follow the races right from the shore and to share and discuss with the competing students in their paddocks that will remain open to the public. The teams will use these booths to store their boats and equipment, and carry out any necessary repairs or adjustments for the competition.


New in the 2015 edition, small conferences called « Tech Talks » are planned every evening of the week with presentations given by the competing teams. Through explaining their projects, each of them will share with their peers and the public the outcome of several months of intense research, conception and preparation for the HYDROCONTEST.


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At the heart of the paddocks area, a pool of model boats offers visitors of all ages, even the youngest ones, the opportunity to take the helm of remote-controlled flying boats equipped with foils, immersing themselves in the universe of the Hydros Foundation and its HYDROCONTEST. Those who wish to learn more about these wings that make boats « fly » above the water may also visit the « Hydrofoils, from crazy pioneers to high efficiency » exhibition, which recounts their history in English and in French.


A detailed programme of the event will shortly be published for more information on the events planned throughout the week.