Claudie Haigneré, an unswerving support
Friday, 03 July 2015

Claudie Haigneré, an unswerving support


A patron of HYDROCONTEST from the start, the renowned scientist and politician is renewing her support for the event and the exciting technological and human adventure that it represents.

Claudie Haigneré is France's first female astronaut, a government minister and a former chair of Universcience. She has a passion for human adventure and currently holds a position at the European Space Agency. Although space is her preferred domain, she also perfectly embodies the values underlying this nautical and maritime competition: altruism, courage and the desire to further understanding. The same is true of Roland Jourdain, a great sailor and the second patron of HYDROCONTEST 2015.


Following her first sponsorship of the event in 2014, she will continue to support participating students and their efforts. They have been working untiringly for months to be able to compete on Lake Geneva with their prototypes. "The HYDROCONTEST challenges young, interdisciplinary teams in global engineering projects from the design stage to the launch of the boat. Each team starts off with the same tools. Their creativity and innovative powers are put to the test in this lively and convivial international sports competition, which fosters both collaboration and emulation."


In line with her convictions as a passionate explorer, Claudie Haigneré believes that HYDROCONTEST exemplifies the use of innovation to achieve ever greater energy efficiency: "The best way to achieve the future we wish is to work on energy efficiency as well as to boldly and responsibly apply our knowledge and technological skills to the challenges of tomorrow's world."


This year, she will once again personally come to the shores of Lake Geneva for the finals of the event and encourage the teams, who she is sure will greatly benefit from this rewarding experience.