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Summary 2015

From 14th to 19th of July 2015, the second edition of the Hydrocontest has gathered more than 150 future engineers coming from 16 universities in 7 different countries.

After one year of research, conception and construction, the participants has met in Lausanne with their prototypes to compete against the best engineering students in the world.

With a last minute qualification in the lightweight category, Polytechnique Paris worked all week long to optimise their foiling catamaran. They succeeded in beating the team of HEIA – Fribourg in final, who has realised the best time for the qualifications.

“Students has to use their brains to conceive the best boat possible, but also their hands to build it! ”

However, the Fribourg students won the long distance race with their lightweight boat, covering the longer distance in 2 hours of race.

In the mass transport category, the Swiss team of the EPFL won with its semi-submersible craft, which was transporting the 200kg ballast under the water to avoid the creation of waves.

The teams of 2015

Team #1 Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) 
Swiss flag Logo EPFL
Team #2 HEIA Fribourg
Swiss flag Fribourg2
Team #3 HE Arc Ingénierie
Swiss flag HE Arc Ingenierie
Team #4 Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau
flag fr Polytechnique
Team #5 ENSM Marseille
team french ensm2
Team #6 ENSM Le Havre & ENSAM Lille
team french team french
Team #7 SUMPECA Toulon
team french Supmeca2
Team #8 Ecole Centrale de Paris
team french centrale paris2
Team #9 ENSTA Bretagne / ENSAPLV
team french ENSTABZH
Team #10 Southampton University
UK Flag Univ Southampton yea
Team #11 Australian Maritime College
Capture decran 2016 06 03 a 11.48.41 team french
Team #12 University Science of Malaysia
Flag Malaysia USMalaysia2
Team #13 Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus
Flag Malaysia swinburn
Team #14 Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede medellin
Colombia Flag UNALMED
Team #15 Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Brazil Flag BrazilUniv
Team #15 Ecole Centrale de Nantes
French Flag Centrale Nantes

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Next Edition

July 24 to July 31 2016

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