Edition 2014


Summary 2014

The Hydrocontest is the first international student competition that brings together young engineers from all around the world in the name of energy efficiency.

120 future engineers coming from France, Switzerland, Colombia, Brazil, Nederland or Australia has participated to this first edition.

The rules of the game are the equal for everyone: same engine, same battery, same dimensions. The students have to conceive, build and pilot the fastest boat.

The objective: transport more, faster, using less energy

The French team of the ENSTA Bretagne & ENSA PLV impressed everyone by winning both of the « Light transportation » category and the Long Distance race with the same boat.

In the « Mass Transportation » category, it was a full Swiss final, opposing the team of the EPFL & HEPIA against the HE Arc Engineering, who finally won.

The teams of 2014

Team #1 Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) & HEPIA
Swiss flagLogo EPFL
Team #2 HEIA Fribourg
Swiss flagFribourg2
Team #3 HE Arc Ingénierie
Swiss flagHE Arc Ingenierie
Team #4 ENSM Marseille
team frenchensm2
Team #5 ENSM Le Havre 
team frenchteam french
Team #6 ENSTA Bretagne / ENSAPLV
team frenchENSTABZH
Team #7 Australian Maritime College
Capture decran 2016 06 03 a 11.48.41AMC logo
Team #8 Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede medellin (UNALMED)
Colombia Flagunalmed2
Team #9 Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Brazil FlagBrazilUniv
Team #10 HAN University of Applied Science
HollandeHAN Universite2
Team #11 ENSTA ParisTech
flag frENSTA ParisTech
Team #12 Universidad de Antoquia
Colombia FlagUniversidad antoquia
Team #13 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Brazil FlagUniv Rio Janeiro

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The pictures of the 2014 event


Next Edition

July 24 to July 31 2016

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