Hydro Contest  



A unique meeting

Flagship event of the Hydros Foundation, the HYDROcontest is the first international student competition dedicated to naval energy efficiency. 


Both incubator of ideas, awareness-raising and education tool, the HYDROcontest gathers the future engineers and architects worldwide around a common issue:



Students are invited to design, build and pilot the most energy efficient boat.

High technology

pastille technologie


pastille expertise


pastille innovation


pastille recherche




Hydrocontest's contribution


The purpose of this unique global discussion platform is to raise the awareness among tomorrow's engineers and architects of the need to design efficient nautical technologies, which can also be applied in industry, and to provide the means for promising projects to be developed into specific applications that will improve the naval ecological balance.



Long distance race


Private boat


Mass Transport


The principle


The Hydros Foundation provides each team with the same electric engine and a grant to foster innovation. The amount of available energy is imposed to travel a set distance and the ranking is made according to the running time.

Students have several months to design and build one or two boats, with maximum dimensions of 2.50 x 2.50 x 2.00 m, before coming to contend with their peers on the race course.

Teams compete in two categories: the Mass Transport category in which each vessel must hold 200 kg of ballast to simulate the displacement of a cargo vessel, and the Private Boats category in which the prototypes, loaded with 20 kg, represent leisure boats.


A village open to everyone

Discover, share and enjoy!

A village covering 4,000 sq. m, in the stunning location of the Baie des Canoubiers, will welcome the teams and the public. Access to the facilities is free, and the team paddocks are open so that everyone can share and discuss the values that drive us. Races can be followed from the shore, for a total immersion in this world of technology, innovation and efficiency. 

Races will take place from the 2nd to the 8th of September in the Baie des Canoubiers, and finals in the historical harbour of Saint-Tropez on the 9th of September as a highlight of the event.


Each of the competing teams has a stand where they store their boats and where they can carry out any necessary adjustments and repairs.

Hydros Foundation

Smarter Energy


Raising public awareness on the importance of technology as the key to a smarter use of energy, educating future generations, supporting and promoting innovation for energy efficiency, this is the mission of the Foundation of which the HYDROcontest is the cornerstone. 


The organization will be available for teams, sponsors, partners and journalists, to assist them until the start of the race, and for the duration of the event.


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